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I am a writer and beekeeper - often the two things get confused. I am passionate about nature and especially bees of all kinds.

Conversation with a commercial beekeeper

I had an interesting chat with a commercial beekeeper recently. I don’t have his permission to use his name here, so he will remain anonymous. It is no secret that I generally disapprove of commercial, industrial-scale beekeeping, on the same … Continue reading

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Bees, bees, bees…

Nowadays, my life seems to be full of bees. I took up beekeeping in 2000, while the craft was in decline and the local beekeepers’ association was struggling for members. I took an early dislike to ‘modern’ beekeeping methods, which … Continue reading

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Having been meaning to start a ‘personal’ blog for some time, I thought I would delve into the mysteries of WordPress. I could have used any number of blogging platforms, but WP does have a head-and-shoulders lead in terms of … Continue reading

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